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Introducing Uppercut Deluxe Foam Tonic, the ultimate hair and scalp care solution that provides a light hold and healthy shine. This hydrating mousse offers versatile benefits, acting as a standalone styling product, curl enhancer, cutting agent, or pre-styling product for heat protection.


This modern take on a traditional barber classic features White Tea leaf extracts for scalp invigoration and Hydrolysed Quinoa and Soy proteins for hair hydration and protection. Achieve gentle control and a healthy shine in all hair types with Foam Tonic.


For curly hair, simply scrunch in the Foam Tonic to boost, define, and enhance curls. As a pre-styler, it offers protection against hair damage during blow-drying, thanks to its unique blend of Quinoa extracts and Vitamin B5. It also builds an optimal foundation layer for additional styling products.

Uppercut Deluxe Foam Tonic is designed with an aerating pump, transforming the liquid into a foam for mess-free and easy application. This ensures even distribution throughout the hair, providing a hassle-free grooming experience.


Elevate your styling routine with Uppercut Deluxe Foam Tonic.

Uppercut Deluxe Foam Tonic

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