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Introducing Slick Gorillas revolutionary product, designed to give you a natural look with gravity-defying lift and a stunning matte finish. Experience an invisible hold that provides both strength and volume to your hairstyle, elevating it to new heights.


To achieve the desired effect, simply put a small amount of our potent powder on your palm or directly apply it to dry hair. Embrace the creative chaos as you distribute the powder all over the styling area, ensuring maximum coverage. Style your hair with confidence, allowing your artistic vision to come to life.


Keep in mind that our versatile powder allows for easy reworking, giving you the freedom to refine your look throughout the day. For added impact, feel free to apply more powder as needed to achieve your desired aesthetic.


Designed to enhance your natural look while defying the forces of gravity. Experience an invisible hold that provides the strength and volume your hair deserves. With our easy-to-follow usage instructions, achieve the desired style effortlessly and enjoy the flexibility to refine and perfect your look throughout the day.

Slick Gorilla Hair Styling Powder

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