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Introducing King Brown's revolutionary Powder Wax, the ultimate styling product designed to elevate your hair game with boosted volume and matte texture, perfect for achieving natural-looking styles.


Featuring a convenient pump nozzle, the Powder Wax ensures precise application for effortless styling.

The texture is key, and our Powder Wax delivers.


To add more texture to your look, simply spray the product directly onto the roots of dry hair. For a loose and effortless style, leave the hair loosely styled or create defined lines using a wide-tooth comb.

Looking to boost your hair's volume? Our Powder Wax can be used as a standalone product when paired with a blow dryer. Experience enhanced hair volume like never before.


Embrace the light hold of our Powder Wax, ensuring your hairstyle stays in place while still maintaining its natural movement. Say goodbye to unwanted shine with the matte finish that adds a touch of modern sophistication to your look.

Enjoy the simplicity of our scent-free formula, allowing the true essence of your style to shine through. Our 15g / 0.52oz size ensures you have a portable styling solution at your fingertips.


No matter your hair type, our Powder Wax is suitable for all hair types, ranging from short to long in length. It's the go-to product for textured cuts, longer hairstyles, and even curls.

Experience versatile styling options that cater to your unique hair needs.

Achieve the perfect style effortlessly. Spray our Powder Wax directly onto the roots of dry hair and gently rub it through to create natural volume and texture.


Alternatively, you can spray it directly into your hands, rub them together, and apply the product throughout your hair for a more controlled application.

The number of sprays needed depends on your hair type. Fine hair may require approximately three sprays, while thicker hair may benefit from six or more sprays. Experiment to find the ideal amount for your desired look.

Our Powder Wax is designed to be used on its own or in combination with your favorite pomade for added hold and versatility. Finish your style with a comb for a polished look or use your hands for an effortlessly undone aesthetic.


Maintain control and keep your style in check throughout the day by reapplying our Powder Wax as needed. Enjoy the freedom to restyle your hair whenever you desire, giving you endless styling possibilities.


Discover the power of our Powder Wax and take your hairstyling to new heights. Elevate your look with boosted volume, enhanced texture, and a touch of matte elegance. Experience the difference with Jekyll & Hyde Barber Shop.

King Brown Powder Wax

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