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Experience the timeless charm of our King Brown Original hair pomade, a meticulously crafted product designed to provide a true medium hold and medium sheen for that classic and elegant look.


Drawing inspiration from the golden era of pomades, spanning the 1920s to the 1950s, our King Brown Original Hair pomade pays homage to tradition.

This oil and wax-based pomade encapsulates the essence of masculinity, with a scent that combines mild fresh tobacco and vanilla bean notes.

Handcrafted with pride in Australia, our King Brown Original Pomade stands as a testament to our commitment to quality.


Discover the power of medium hold, perfectly balanced with a medium sheen, allowing you to create versatile styles that stand the test of time. Whether you prefer classic style cuts, refined contours, side parts, pompadours, or slicked-back looks, our King Brown Original Pomade is the ideal choice.


Formulated with a petroleum base and enriched with mineral oil, our pomade not only ensures long-lasting hold but also provides nourishment for your hair and scalp. Its sweat and water-resistant formula ensures your style stays intact while allowing you to restyle effortlessly whenever you desire. Say goodbye to the need for frequent reapplication.


To apply, start with a small fingertip-sized amount of our King Brown Original Pomade.

Rub it between your hands and apply it too mildly damp hair, starting from the back and working your way to the front.

Ensure thorough coverage by distributing the product back to front and side to side, ensuring every strand is coated from root to end.


For enhanced hold, sharper part lines, and taming flyaway hairs, increase the amount of product used as needed.


Keep in mind that our oil-based pomade tends to build up over consecutive days, with the second and third days often yielding the best styling results. As you continue to use the product, you may find that using less on subsequent days provides optimal performance.


When it's time to remove the product from your hair, expect to shampoo two to three times for a complete cleanse.

Embrace the classic allure of our King Brown Original Pomade and indulge in the refined elegance it brings to your grooming routine.


Experience the confidence that comes with a timeless look and feel. Elevate your style with Jekyll & Hyde Barber Shop.

King Brown Original Pomade

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