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Introducing King Brown's versatile Matte Pomade, the ultimate solution for achieving a natural, textured, and effortlessly matte look.

Crafted with a unique blend of clay and beeswax, this formula offers the perfect balance, delivering a pliable dry hold that lasts. It has quickly become a must-have for both grease and water-based enthusiasts, catering to traditional styling preferences.


The team at King Brown take pride in formulating and pouring quality pomade right here in Australia, ensuring the highest quality standards.

With a light to medium dry hold, this pomade is suitable for all hair types, whether short or long. It excels in creating natural looks, textured styles, timeless matte classics, and loose pompadours.


Enriched with an earthy scent featuring notes of basil, rosemary, bergamot, cedarwood, and leather, our pomade provides a sensory experience that complements your impeccable style.


The 2.6oz / 75g size ensures you have enough product to achieve your desired look time and time again.

This clay and wax-based formula also includes malt extract, which conditions your hair while allowing you to re-style effortlessly using your fingers or a comb.


For application, take a small fingertip-sized amount and emulsify it between your hands. Apply it to dry or slightly damp hair, starting from the back and working your way to the front and sides, ensuring every strand is coated from root to end.


For enhanced hold, defining part lines, or taming flyaway hairs, feel free to increase the amount used. Please note that due to its lower wax content, this pomade may build up over consecutive days.

Simply use less product on subsequent days after the initial application. To completely remove the product from your hair, we recommend shampooing thoroughly.



Experience the convenience, versatility, and superior performance of King Brown Matte Pomade. Unleash your style with Jekyll & Hyde Barber Shop 

King Brown Matte Pomade

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