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Introducing Captain Fawcett's Disposable Blade Straight Razor—an exquisitely crafted and essential grooming instrument, tailored for individuals yearning to delve into the world of traditional wet shaving.


Experience the unrivalled pleasure and intimate closeness of a classic wet shave firsthand with this remarkable razor. Encased in a charming box, it is the perfect companion for your grooming adventures on the go.


Please note that this Disposable Blade Straight Razor does not come with blades. 


Indulge in the artistry and precision of Captain Fawcett's Disposable Blade Straight Razor—an indispensable tool that delivers a shaving experience like no other. Embrace the time-honoured tradition of wet shaving and unlock the pleasure of a close and meticulous shave with this exceptional razor.

Transport yourself to a realm of sophistication and refinement as you wield this exquisitely crafted grooming instrument. The razor's flawless design ensures optimal performance, allowing you to achieve a level of closeness and precision that surpasses expectations.


Prepare for your grooming adventures with ease, thanks to the delightful box that houses the razor. Whether you're travelling or simply need a convenient storage solution, this box ensures your razor remains protected and at your disposal whenever the need arises.

Discover the transformative power of traditional wet shaving with Captain Fawcett's Disposable Blade Straight Razor—a gateway to unparalleled shaving experiences. Embrace the timeless artistry and immerse yourself in the pleasure and intimacy of a classic wet shave, all within the comfort of your own grooming routine.


Obtain the high-quality razor blades recommended to complement this exceptional instrument and embark on a journey of grooming excellence.

Captain Fawcett Disposable Blade Straight Razor

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